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Joy Gray LMT# 020464
Massage Institute of Dallas

Heal your body, mind, and spirit and live your life joyfully again! 

I got into massage therapy many years ago when I was in extreme all over body pain from Fibromyalgia. When I went to a woman massage therapist who started to help me, I decided I wanted to help others as well. I went to massage school and received my license in 1998.  I have gained so much through learning about the body/mind/spirit connection with my own healing experiences and practices, that my purpose in life is  to continue helping others find their way out of the pain and stresses we seem to accept as a way of life, and instead live more fully with the healthy habit of ABMS Massage Therapy. 

I have recently written a book about unconditional love which has taught me and has convinced me even more, my purpose is helping others heal their body, mind, and spirit. I believe the loving experience that came from writing my book, "Catch and Release" has enhanced my massage therapy as well. You can purchase a copy of my book through Amazon, and it is available in Kindle, e-book, and print. I have copies on hand as well. My hope for all, is that we live in the present, a beautiful life, one we were created to live with unconditional love.

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